Slit Mouth Woman In L.A.

I looked at this image which reminds me of my elementary school days in 1980s. In the event that they answer sure, the lady pulls away the masks, revealing her mouth is slit from ear to ear and asks 'Even like this?'. The girl then proceeds to take her shears and slice your mouth from ear to ear so that you're now just as beautiful as she. The Slit-Mouthed Woman is a vengeful Japanese spirit, or yokai , with her defining characteristic being her mouth slit from ear to ear (type of like The Joker). In 1979, there have been many stories of The Slit-Mouthed Lady sightings throughout Japan, and the ghost was said to focus on college kids in specific. If you reply no or run away, The Slit-Mouthed Woman will hunt you down and kill you.
At some point, he turned convinced that she was cheating on him and in a match of rage, sliced her mouth from ear to ear with a sword, screaming Who will assume you are stunning now?”. Her ancestors have been cursed as that they had used the Dog God (Inugami, a dog spirit which masters black magic) to do unhealthy issues and earn black money, thus, their youngsters and grandchildren will turn into monsters and have slit mouths, and should never be reborn after dying. If the kid answers no, she is going to immediately tear off her mask and present the victim the that means of her namesake: her mouth, which has been slit from ear to ear.

She'll ask the kid, Am I pretty?” and if the child says sure, then she'll rip off her mask, revealing that her mouth has been minimize from ear to ear. The Slit-Mouthed Girl will instantly take out a pair of scissors or a kitchen knife from her trenchcoat, after which homicide the child, giving her trademark makeover of slashing the victim's mouth from ear to ear.
When the child noticed the woman's slit mouth, as a substitute of being hacked to demise then, the child ran away so far as he could till he finds a peddler on a quiet street. Then the kid tried to elucidate to the peddler what he saw earlier than however then he realized that the peddler was faceless (e.g. no eyes, nostril, mouth) after which the child froze in terror earlier than being hacked there and then by the slit mouth woman. An exquisite woman will be standing there, with lengthy black hair and is carrying a beige trench coat.

This entry was posted on Friday, January 4th, 2013 at eight:fifty three pm and tagged with kuchisake onna , scary story , slit-mouth lady , city legend and posted in Creepy , Horror , Scary , Tales You can observe any responses to this entry via the RSS 2.0 feed. The largest drawback with Slit Mouth Lady is that, regardless of its running time of round seventy minutes, it is rather sluggish moving. Their mouth too bearing the scary visage of a smile, stretching from ear to ear.
The full set of her enamel are easily visible via the reduce flesh, the mouth in a permanent smile. Should they have responded 'no', when first requested if the lady was lovely, she would have killed them there and then. When the Slit Mouthed Lady was stated to be sighted in the late 70's, the authorities in that a part of Japan sought to calm what was an overwhelming sense of panic in towns, by growing their presence on the street,through placing on extra patrols. College students have been also said to have devised a tactic to idiot the slit mouthed lady, answer her questions with other questions, or don't present a definitive answer.

It is useless making an attempt to run, as a result of the Slit-Mouthed Lady can run even quicker than an Olympian athlete. If her victim says that she looks normal or average-wanting, then the Slit-Mouthed Girl will get confused and leave you alone. One is that her mouth had gotten slashed open by a jealous husband, another is that she was an escaped psychological patient who did the bloody deed herself.

And sure I am an ULTIMATE believer of The slit mouthed woman in japan, and I truly need to journey to japan someday so I can get some more data on it! She'll then ask the kid, How about now?” If the kid says No,” he can be minimize in half, but when he says yes, the girl will slit his mouth to seem like hers. If the kid attempts to run away, the woman will solely seem in front of him again and again. Lastly, a child could inform the lady that she or he has a previous engagement to attend to.
In some tales, she is going to leave the victim alone if he or she still says that The Slit-Mouthed Girl is beautiful after the mask is removed. Other tales suggest throwing something attractive, corresponding to a chunk of fruit, sweet, or something shiny, away from oneself so as to distract The Slit-Mouthed Woman. As The Slit-Mouthed Lady is not a magpie, I really feel that this last suggestion is sort of silly, but hey, you by no means know till you try. Some even recommend turning the query around on The Slit-Mouthed Woman and asking her if she thinks you are fairly.

Matsuzaki is the son of the Slit-Mouthed Woman before he killed her when he was younger. In keeping with the legend, kids walking alone at night may encounter a woman wearing a surgical masks, which is not an uncommon sight in Japan the place some individuals wear them to keep away from passing their cold or illness to others, even till at the moment. She often appears in the evening, along with her disfigured mouth covered with a mask or a shawl. She's going to then slice his/her mouth from ear to ear, making them look similar to her.
The girl wore a surgical mask, not terribly uncommon in Japan, and would ask if the traveler thought she was fairly (Watashi kirei?). If the individual mentioned no at this second point, she would once more kill them, slashing open their mouth. In 2007, a coroner found information that in the late nineteen seventies there was a girl who chased youngsters. The first is sub-titled in English and referred to as Slit-Mouthed Woman and could be found on Netflix.
One is to tell the girl that she seems common, inflicting the lady to change into confused and allowing the kid to run away. One other is to ask the lady if she thinks the child is fairly. Legend has it that a jealous man accused his beautiful, useless spouse of adultery, and slit her smile together with his sword. In the much publicized murder of Elizabeth Quick (the Black Dahlia) in America in 1947, her mouth was slit in a Glasgow Grin.
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